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“With over 10 years experience in production and copy-editing of everything from academic papers to industry-specific content and material for published authors, we offer comprehensive copywriting services to meet your unique needs.  We service businesses, institutes and individuals in SA, USA, UK and The Far-East with a growing footprint.”  Mark David Sing [CEO]

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What others have to say about us…

Digital Marketing: WSI Durban


Nick Gard - WSI Digital Marketing Consultant (1)

Nick Gard: Owner

 “Mark from Genesis Articles has been a synergy partner with WSI for some time now and we have felt that the work he has given, the time constraints we’ve put him and his team under at times and the general standards of Genesis Articles to be excellent.”

“Genesis Articles strive to be on top of their game at all times, and they really do try and go the extra mile to achieve good results for their clients through excellent copywriting and editing skills. Thank you to Mark and the team at Genesis Articles.”

Business Chambers: National small business chamber


Twane’ Gouws: Head- National Operations

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Genesis Articles as a valued supplier and partner of the National Small Business Chamber.”

“They provide monthly content for the NSBC’s My Business Mag which goes out weekly to over 84 000 SMEs and Entrepreneurs.”

…See Full Testimonial Here


Southern African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Yvonne Iyer KZN Regional Representative – SAGCCI

“Since networking with Mark I can sincerely vouch for his commitment to high quality and exemplary performance in any collaborative effort. He is a true professional, knowledgeable and remains on the cutting-edge of the communications, technology and business advisory sectors he specializes in. As an approachable, solutions-driven and results-focused individual, I can gladly recommend him and Genesis to any corporate or enterprise.”


Real Estate: Chas Everitt International Property Group


photo (4)

Barry Davies: Franchising Director

“Our industry and brand communication entail frequent interaction with the public at large, our clients, landlords, tenants and specific key stakeholders. This is maintained through the regular release of press material and web content. Genesis also plays a significant role here, with regards to facilitating high end press releases – ranging from topical pieces covering changes in legislation all the way to covering our recent merger with Lighthouse Property Group, forming our new rentals specialist arm (CEPR).”…See Full Testimonial Here


Corporate Gifts and Branding Strategy: Ignition Marketing



Greg Baleson: Owner – Ignition Marketing & Subsidiaries, Founder – ROSA

“Being in the corporate gift industry, as a supplier countrywide and abroad, a professional online image, effective and targeted digital marketing is essential to us. Having dealt with Mark from Genesis Articles regarding some of our content marketing campaigns and promos we have found the copywriting workmanship and service to exceed our expectations. The content is of the highest standards, turnaround-time very efficient, with us having to provide minimal information when placing an order. I can with confidence recommend the services of Mark and the team at Genesis Articles to any prospective client.”

Internet Marketing: WSI Durban


Melanie Gard: Owner

“Being in the Internet Marketing field, we rely a lot on good quality content for our clients.”

“Mark and his team are invaluable to us, as we can rely on them to deliver high quality content in a very short time with minimal input from the client.”

“The clients very rarely even have any edits! It is really great to have such expert copywriters to rely on.”

Online Marketing: Intoweb

Delize Kruger

Delize Kruger: Marketing Manager

“Intoweb has been making use of Mark and his team at Genesis Articles since 2011. As an online marketing agency, specialising in organic search engine optimization, quality content is one of the most important aspects. Genesis Articles not only writes keyphrase relevant content, but also ensures that the article is highly relevant to the client’s industry and provides an interesting read for visitors to the website. Genesis Articles always provides us with professional service and excellent delivery times.”

Media and Communication: Primedia Online - Juice Content


Athar Naser: Head of Content Division

“Mark and Genesis have been great to work with.”

“Always prompt, highly communicative and facilitate their clients exceptionally well.”

“As head of a content department I feel assured that the work we commission will come across on time and to a high standard.”

“They’re very competitive rates also ensure that we don’t need to look elsewhere. I recommend Genesis without hesitation.”

Digital Strategy: WSI Johannesburg


Francois Muscat: Owner

“Genesis Articles has provided WSI with well-researched, interesting content. Their copywriters are able to produce interesting blogs, articles and website copy within short turnaround times.”

“The team at Genesis provides us with a growing volume of content, including material relating to sophisticated and extensive international marketing campaigns for clients based in USA, Canada and other parts of the world. Apart from detailed pieces based on analyses and interpretation of client information and extensive briefing, Genesis also offers SEO expertise in production of articles crafted for the purpose of attracting more business or website leads and sales. So this refers to content that meets usual criteria while also being ‘mechanically sound’ for application with various marketing techniques that we specialise in.”

Academic Editing: Masters in Applied Mathematics


Mthembeni Z Mthethwa: Masters Student

I was under severe pressure to find a professional editor, for academic editing services on the 10th November 2015. I searched the internet for editors in KwaZulu Natal and found multiple names of companies, including the name of Genesis Articles.

Mark as the custodian of the company was a true professional from the onset. I was impressed above all things by his humility having …See Full Testimonial Here.

Trusted from Start to Finish

Everyone appreciates quality content and virtually everyone at one point or another has had to deal with the adverse impacts of inferior or poorly written material. We keep this at the forefront of our minds to continually inspire creativity in the knowledge that we are meeting an important need, by helping people and brands all over communicate more successfully.

. . . Our "max-value" approach

We are a high intensity, value-based copywriting agency that is driven by passion to exceed client expectations through world-class content solutions. We service large and small clients that have one thing in common: The desire to stand out via on-point digital and print brand communications. Our principle of achieving the highest ROI possible is quite simple, yet never fails us: Seek to deliver multiple times more value to each client for every rand or dollar spent. Our dynamic team of professionals offer solutions to a loyal and growing client base nationally and internationally.

  • To ceaselessly and consistently deliver world-class solutions, tailored to meet and exceed the distinctive PR and Communication needs of clients desiring to stand out of the crowd.
  • We keep a personal goal of adding optimum value for each and every dollar, rand or currency that our faithful customers spend on growing their businesses.
  • We are about sustainable results and building excellent momentum so that investments now continue to generate substantial impact long into the future.
  • We simply love what we do, and as a tight-knit, solution-oriented team we embrace any challenge by taking pride in solving even the ‘most difficult’ problems when addressing the specific needs of our clients, and ultimately the end-consumers.
  • We pursue mastery in our craft and each member of the Genesis Team plays his or her part in bringing to fruition results-driven solutions and achieving explosive synergies in the process.
  • …And what truly makes us the best is our belief that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE when it comes to setting and achieving client goals or overcoming complex hurdles. By providing competitive services, by being ambassadors of industry excellence and through epitomising our core values we not only help clients succeed in their markets – we also help make the world a better place, step by step, word by word and solution by solution.


To be the Public Relations and Brand Communications specialist that leads the industry and paves the way for clients to dominate their online and offline target markets, locally, nationally or internationally. We seek to become the VOICE that each of the companies and organisations we represent, can genuinely rely on to not just COMMUNICATE with, but actually CONNECT with their intended audiences.

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Genesis Articles is proud to service a variety of industries and everyday our growing organisation works with new and exciting companies from all over. This includes a number of progressive brands throughout the country and abroad. From small enterprises to leading corporate clients with international footprints, these businesses on the cutting edge of their fields recognise the importance of quality, industry specific content that speaks directly to their target consumers. Be it website content, specialised articles, specifically optimised content or offline copy such as press releases, company profiles, advertising material and so forth, we love creating only world class content for world class clients who are trailblazers within their markets.

View our full clients gallery

Website Content
  • When you build a great website, you need quality written content to complement your web design and web development aspects.  We have a team of specialist copywriters in South Africa, including qualified journalists and writers with over 10 years relevant experience.  They will craft world-class content that is specific to your industry, business-needs and target markets.  The entire process can be done via email.office-625892_1280

  • Do you need something you’ve written or some form of existing content checked and professionally edited?  From editing your thesis, to web content, PR articles or any brand or personal communications – our affordable copywriting services will cover you.  We have a team of highly qualified editors, able to edit any written content according to your unique requirements, intended use, audience, language-style, etc.

We edit large a number of academic papers including:  Masters, PhD or doctoral theses / dissertations, research papers; as well as complex industry-specific, technical articles or even simple lifestyle-type content that need checking.


SEO Content
  • If you need legitimate SEO content that is professionally integrated into your content, then you’re looking in the right place.  We service a number of SEO and online / digital marketing companies in South Africa and abroad with SEO content of the highest standards.  By standards we not only refer to the science of including the right keywords and phrases appropriately with the right density (No keyword stuffing), but we also mean the standard of the content itself.

Our expert copywriters and communications specialists create content that not only effectively optimises your copy for Search Engine Optimisation and lead generation, but also represents high quality, informative, helpful and accurate content.


  • Newsletters for businesses and institutions tend to be very specific and are usually released periodically, such as monthly or weekly.  Our content marketing strategists are able to create pinpoint accurate content for your newsletter, whether it is an online or offline newsletter.

Should you require more than just content, our sister company will come on board and jointly handle design aspects.


Corporate Communications
  • Weak corporate communications can destroy the reputation of an organisation – to its clients, staff and the public at large.  Strong corporate content or brand communications used effectively, on the other hand, can boost a business’ profits.  We have a team of corporate communications and branding experts who are able to string the perfect sentences for your business profile, personal profile, or assist with other corporate needs such as generation of Annual Reports.

Academic Content
  • Our team of specialist writers is often commissioned with research-based work.  This includes researching, analysing and formulating professional content for academic institutes as well as corporates and individuals in need of professional research material.  This could be for internal use, directed at specific audiences or intended for public release.

 bigstock-Library-44194297 1920x

  • We have a team of research specialists, who work alongside our team of professional copywriters and copy-editors.  This is also offered as a stand-alone service as some of our clients are interested in simply gathering data or intelligence relating to specific genres, industries or topics.  This may not be consolidated into content by them, but used for purposes of further analysis.  Often our team also ends up preparing analyses such as SWOTS and Critical Analyses, literature and data reviews and so on.

Social Media
  • Social Media may seem basic at first sight. However, like anything on the Internet or marketing-wise, the tool is only as effective as it is harnessed.  So, we know that social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn and so forth, are gigantic networks with customer reaches of mammoth proportions.  Our expert copywriting and social media specialists craft content that is engaging and relevant to your target customers in these vast markets.  There is much more to it than knowing how to post or tweet.  Apart from the science of it, the choice of words, quality of content, timing, nature and authority of links among other variables play crucial roles.  Our team of copywriters in South Africa can help your business establish a strong and credible social media presence.

We offer tailor-made social media management solutions as well as content as a stand-alone service.

Business Plans
  • A business plan is more than a document used to secure finance.  It is a working document that you can use as a guiding tool to ensure the long-term growth and success of the venture.  Our team of copywriters in South Africa include industry specialists, such as former business analysts and staff who hail from the banking sector.  Our CEO, Mark David Sing, also guides the workforce from a strong finance background.  You can depend on us to produce a high quality business plan based on your specific needs.  We are also commissioned to prepare feasibility studies for investment projects throughout SA as well as abroad.

Should you require further assistance with applying for finance and a wide range of related business solutions – from consulting, to corporate design, commercial and industrial printing, and business registrations – our sister companies Genesis Business and Genesis Development can assist you.

Press Releases
  • Any growing business needs to engage with the public, be it with the local community, countrywide or internationally.  Although there are so many strategies today, good-old press releases and editorials still stand the test of time.  They are a proven way to successfully develop your product or brand reputation: by making official announcements, disseminating important news, creating excitement around your brand and its products as well as releasing informative, authority-building articles that demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to the public.  Our content specialists comprise of copywriters and journalists who will create newspaper, magazine and online PR releases to effectively reach your target audiences and propel your business.

  • Advertising content needs to be precisely crafted, in order to be truly effective.  Ensure your newspaper advert, brochure, campaign, online marketing content and other print media talk right to the hearts and minds of your intended target audiences.  Our writers and brand communication experts will brainstorm and string the perfect words for your specific needs.

Letters and Motivations
  • Corporate letters, emails and motivations need to be pin-point in accuracy and the meeting of intended objectives underlying these specific documents.  Our team of qualified copywriters and editors in South Africa prepare letters and motivations for businesses and institutes.  The intended use can vary and may include:  Letters to clients, staff, suppliers, creditors, debtors as well as tender, business and related motivations.  We also service a number of law firms specialising in debt collection, debt collection agencies themselves and enterprises or institutes that require bulk letter writing.

Industry Articles
  • Our expansive team of copywriters in South Africa include wordsmiths with specific industry knowledge and expertise.  Our knowledge base spans across all sectors and there is no brief that we haven’t successfully executed.

There are just some of the industries we produce content for:

Actuarial Industry Food and Beverage Private Equity
Automotive FMCG Private Investigation
Airline Franchise Property Sales / Rental
Banking Glass Restaurant
Beauty Industrial Supplies Security
Business Chambers Insurance Self Storage
Chemical Logistics Software Development and Networking
Clothing Marketing Steel
Communications Medical and Pharmaceutical Travel and Tourism
Dentistry Mining Venture Capital
Film and Media NPO / NGOs Water Purification and Bottled Water
Finance and Accounting Optometry Web Development

Content Planning
  • Our copywriting experts also assist with creating strategic content plans for our clients.  This includes brainstorming ideas, researching trending topics and keyword research for search engine optimisation or indexing purposes.  Once plans are submitted and approved or further recommendations received from client, then often customers opt to enlist our team to execute the said strategy.

  • We also consult to various corporates, industry specialists, small businesses and institutes, that rely on us for professional advice and insight on their existing content.  This is usually the basis for the design of prospective content strategies aimed at tactical growth, expansion and satisfying of related objectives moving forward.

Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of data needs to be handled with expert precision and specialised insight.  Our qualified team of researchers, business analysts and copywriters in South Africa execute various forms of analyses and deliver related content for public departments, academic institutes, private companies and individuals involved in a host of research activities.  The extent of our involvement varies from project to project, but in short we are able to execute full scale analyses from start to finish, to analyses of collated raw data in terms of research aims and other standalone services.  Delivery of content will conform to brief-specific instructions of organisations and universities, which generally conform to international standards.

We also have a specialised department that is dedicated to academic research and analyses pertaining to higher learning such as dissertations and theses.  If you are completing your Masters, doctorate (PHD), becoming a Professor in your field or pursuing other forms of learning and research – contact us for assistance with research, qualitative/quantitative analyses, editing and related assistance.

  • As technological advancement favours a shift towards paperless living, there is a rampant and ever-increasing demand for digital media such as eBooks.  Not only is the move of eLearning taking the academic world by storm, but corporates and homes alike are enjoying the convenience and sophisticated advantages that accompany the conversion of paper-based material into electronic formats. Nowadays students all over the world, employees in different offices and individuals from the comfort of their homes can engage with content in a whole new dimension.  Our team of developers and software engineers are able to convert existing hard-copy or even digital material into required formats that allow for high level interaction, information-sharing and general engagement.  We can also set-up and maintain learning management systems (LMSs) for colleges, institutes and corporates that are looking for efficient systems with a distinctive edge.


Reputation Management
  • Reputation, as with most things, will make or break your business.  Even a well-established business can be ruined overnight due to a blemish (or perceived blemish) that taints its name.  And part of the burden that comes with technological advancements and robust marketing strategies associated with Social Media, Web Marketing and so forth - is that of effective management.  It is often said that bad news spreads twice as fast so this is why platforms such as social media, website content, press releases, consumer complaints channels etc all need to be well managed for any business to remain successful.  We have dedicated teams of customer service and marketing specialists who are able to monitor and manage your business reputation - online and offline.  We offer reputation management services to private clients such as public figures as well as corporates and institutes.
  • Do you need something you’ve written or some form of existing content checked and professionally edited?  From editing your thesis, to web content, PR articles or any brand or personal communications - our affordable copywriting services will cover you.  We have a team of highly qualified editors, able to edit any written content according to your unique requirements, intended use, audience, language-style, etc.

We edit large a number of academic papers including:  Masters, PhD or doctoral theses / dissertations, research papers; as well as complex industry-specific, technical articles or even simple lifestyle-type content that need checking.


Learning Management Systems
  • Although there are a host of learning management systems (LMSs) on the market, the key is to find a product of custom-build that suits the immediate needs of your college or organisation.  Secondly, and equally crucial is to have the necessary backup, maintenance and technical expertise at your disposal.  Our team of qualified developers and software specialists are able to strategise, design, implement, engineer and modify forward-facing LMSs to reinforce your long-term training and development requirements.  We have dedicated teams and support structures in place to manage your organisation and the various training courses or eModules.  Online or eModules differ from eBooks in that they remain active or live, hence offering greater interactivity and flexibility.  We service private colleges, universities, commercial and non-commercial organisations that function in localised and global contexts.


International Relations
  • Developing and maintaining international relations is crucial on several fronts with social, economical and political ramifications.  We have a team of international relations (IR) and PR specialists who focus on helping foreign enterprises successfully enter into the SA markets for the first time or with their existing marketing and business development initiatives.  For further information contact us directly and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.    



 Genesis Articles is not only focused on changing the Durban, South African and global brand communications landscape one word at a time, but also sees corporate social responsibility as an integral component of our core values. Starting off as a team of copywriters in Durban we have had the opportunity of being exposed first hand to the various social needs that are impacting our communities. Enriching the lives of the underprivileged, impoverished – and essentially those who have been vastly restricted in life due to various social, physical and economic limitations – is a shared vision that we as an organisation hold dearly to.

Learn more

Subsequently, there are various causes that we as an organisation regularly support either financially or otherwise. In doing so, we also strive to lead by example and hopefully encourage other businesses and individuals to take greater steps. We want to be that team of copywriters in Durban that do something valuable, which not only helps a growing group of people but also influences others to do the same. In this way we can of course get much more done through greater synergies and more participants. For some it may be their very first move towards playing, even a small part, in building up the lives of others in need.

Our work here is ultimately aimed at unlocking the great potential lying dormant in so many people across vast communities within the greater Durban region and indeed countrywide. Take a look at our projects and causes below. More and more updates, galleries and testimonials will be added regularly so do keep an eye on this page

 The goal of this project is very simple. Find and help as many homeless persons as possible in and around various suburbs in Durban. Prepare and deliver baskets of nutritious sandwiches to different areas that are affected. Use this as an opportunity to not only provide wholesome meals, but also to learn about each homeless person and the circumstances preceding their current status. Lastly, to provide encouragement aimed at empowering those who simply need a little motivation and counselling in order to find their footing, secure employment and sustain themselves in terms of food, proper shelter and basic amenities.

learn more

Those who have more dire social circumstances and require professional counselling we connect with trained social workers. Others who may have medical needs we direct them to relevant clinics, state facilities or where appropriate rehabilitation centres. We have developed a network over the years with incredible partners that assist in the afore-mentioned.

 The feeding scheme is currently funded entirely by Genesis Articles and we accept sponsorships towards this cause as per our wish list below:

Feeding wish list

  • Food Items
  • Blankets and Sleeping Bags
  • Clothing Items
  • Donations or Sponsorships

If you would like to know more about what we do, or would like to get involved by assisting with sponsoring items on our wish list or by making a financial contribution, simply email us on info@genesisarticles.co.za. We would also like to extend a special thanks to those of our copywriters in Durban who go beyond the call of duty by helping out with the above.

Earn with the Resellers Programme

What do we offer?

  • We provide you with specialised copywriting services that will add tremendous value to your clients. All you need to do is join the Genesis Reseller Programme.
  • Our standard of excellence is without question and we line up high quality services to complement you and your clients’ specific needs.
  • Earn extra income by gaining access to our ever popular, comprehensive range of products and services that we offer.
  • Enjoy full support while you join our reseller programme. This includes marketing and technical support. We also attend to revisions or tweaks, if any, at no charge on the first draft of content, in accordance with the scope of the initial brief. If there are any changes outside of the initial request, where we were not aware of such, then that will constitute an extra charge.

Who can qualify to be a reseller?

  • You must be a legally registered business and compliant with applicable regulations in order to become a vendor, whether you are based locally in South Africa or anywhere else in the world.
  • You must agree to our reseller terms and conditions. A copy will be forwarded for acceptance in order to proceed.

When you join the Genesis Reseller Programme, what do you earn?

Join our programme and start earning a significant 15% discount on all sales. This means that we offer Resellers exclusive access to our services at a substantial 15% below market retail price. This allows you to successfully on-sell our quality products affordably and viably. With our wide range of content services and our market reputation for excellence, you can shortly generate a sustainable and growing virtually passive income stream – all while adding value to your clients.

How do you become a reseller?

  • First of all, you need to simply submit an application here and agree to the reseller terms and conditions. We have a vetting process and successful applicants will be notified within 7 working days.
  • All you have to do next as an approved reseller is place an order and make payment so that the content can be prepared and dispatched to you within the agreed timeline.
  • When you join the Genesis Reseller Programme, there is no minimum order volume initially.