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The inception of Genesis Media in 1995 saw the birthing of a PR company that earned a coveted position in the SME industry.  In 2009 Genesis Articles was launched in order to meet the communications needs of corporate clients, with a specific focus on copywriting and editorial services.  Genesis Media was subsequently merged with Genesis Articles, and today the company has earned its position at the forefront of the industry, offering tailored solutions to both corporate clients as well as small businesses.


Genesis Articles has since blossomed into a highly respected written communications agency built on the expertise of specialist copywriters and a combined team of over 50 dynamic personnel.  The co-founder, Mark David Sing, is also the CEO of the parent company Genesis Group.  Since leading the Group he has made several iconic and bold moves that have proved rewarding to shareholders and in terms of meeting evolving consumer needs.  This has seen the organisation as a whole expand its footprint internationally and diversify its interests in several exciting and daring ventures including Genesis Articles as well as other sectors specialising in digital strategy, customised business solutions and even energy.


The company’s out-of-the-box approach is aptly reflected in the creative and tailored approach of Genesis Articles and the talented team spearheading the Group’s communications division.  Genesis Articles has subsequently earned several highly-coveted accolades including recognition from the Speech and Drama Association of South Africa, The SA Guild of Speech and Drama Teachers, The Association for Mathematics Education of SA (AMESA), The United School Sport Association of SA (USSASA), The Department of Education and Culture as well as the Francis and Jessica Brett Young Trust to name a few.

The Team

The team of language specialists includes some of the best copywriters from South Africa, United Kingdom and other parts of the world.  Every member of the Genesis team is highly qualified and experienced, coupled with rigorous training procedures and selection processes internally.  There are also industry specialists, such as attorneys, national journalists, advertising and digital experts as well as veterans with a passion for writing, on staff.  From local and international sports, to entertainment and celebrities, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience at our fingertips.  No matter your brief, our expert copywriters will set you at ease as they are able to produce precise, relevant and current copy on any sector or genre.

Genesis Articles develops communications strategies and provides related content services to companies in all industries.  Our experienced team will see to it that you receive tailor-made solutions in harmony with your content strategy, brand development needs and intended target audiences.  Contact us today to discuss your communications, PR and copywriting requirements.