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A company’s online presence plays an important part in the overall success of the business. SEO content is designed to drive traffic onto a company’s website. The traffic will then convert online clicks into sales! This is where SEO copywriters come in, for the production of high quality digital copy.

SEO is a process upon which experts in the search engines ranking field apply resources such as SEO friendly copy to strengthen a brand’s ranking on search engines such as Google. The highly ranked websites benefit by experiencing greater volumes of traffic to their websites.   SEO copywriters possess the skills necessary to write informative, entertaining and insightful digital copy, whilst including carefully identified keywords which search engines pick up. SEO content has to make sense to both the reader and search engines in order to climb up the search ranks.

No matter the type of business or industry you are in, an online presence is a prerequisite. The virtual world is highly competitive, much like the real world. In order to stand out you have to own your identity, have a signature and function in a distinguished yet relevant manner. The more categorized your business and or industry is, the easier it becomes to target a defined set of keywords. These keywords are specific to organic search related to your product and or services. Specialist copywriters are able to integrate the keywords to ultimately produce SEO content customized and relevant to your brands identity.

We at Genesis Articles are professional SEO copywriters with years of experience and a proven track record in producing content with measurable SEO results.

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