5 SEO Copywriting Tips for World Class Content

SEO copywriters usually think writing website content is about improving rankings and attracting more traffic to websites. True in one sense, but SEO copywriting still has to be quality-driven, value-adding and relevant to the intended audience. Thus, writing effective content is also about engaging readers, building powerful authority and ultimately selling products or services.

So, to enhance your writing abilities, we will be providing 5 copywriting tips to help create outstanding content for websites. These tips represent a series of posts so look out for forthcoming blogs in the near future.

Know Your Audience

Knowing crystal clearly who you are writing to, will add tremendous value to the content. Content should be expertly crafted for your specific target audience in order to rank effectively.

Craft Valuable Headlines

Creativity is vital when choosing your article or blog headline. Think out of the box and use a witty or thought-provoking header to set the tone for your content. In other words, make your content gain the best first impression from readers.

Numbers attract clicks

Use numbers in your headings instead of number words, especially odd numbers. Studies show that headings which incorporate numbers usually get more clicks and odd numbers tend to be favoured. This makes sense as traditionally, our brains love lists and well-aligned formation of content.

Use Sub-headers

Readers can have a look at your content, but the key is to get them to continue reading. Make sure your subheadings offer an easy flow and are also captivating. Subheads also play a good role in allowing your content to be more easily found by search engines. In other words this builds content relevance and authority.

Try Headlines Formula

Stick to what has been used before, some of the most well-known and authoritative articles out there have been crafted from the modification of the existing headlines. Here are some of the best formulas other copywriters have used with great success.

SEO copywriting becomes valuable when improving search engine rankings as well as putting user experience into prime consideration. Watch the space for the next post as we discuss another 5 tips.

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