Explaining SEO services, and why do you need it?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it is the most important part of an effective online presence. This is why professional SEO services are highly sought after in today’s high-tech era of ours. The incredible demand and unprecedented ROI’s of quality SEO and related SEO content marketing efforts have caused a vast number of providers to mushroom over the past ten years and this is still happening. However, tread very cautiously as SEO is about legitimate results and to achieve this your online presence cannot be looked at in compartments. No. Your SEO strategy must tie harmoniously into your optimised content, which has to be respected by search engines for originality, authority and industry value. This also flows with a beautifully and functionally designed website or platform that maximises the “user-experience”, hence, mobile-friendly or responsive, adaptable to dynamic trends, search engine updates and so on. But undoubtedly, if you’re in business today and have any online component, you cannot afford not to have a strong SEO element to complement your offering.

SEO services basic

The simplest way to understand why SEO services is so important is to think of this:

When people are looking for something online, the first thing they will usually do is go to a search engine such as www.google.co.za ; www.google.com ; www.yahoo.com ; www.bing.com and so on. They will type in a few words, usually the thing they are looking for and perhaps a rough location. They will then look at the first page of results, and probably only at the first few results on that page. At best, people may scroll to page 2 or 3 and anything beyond that is slim to none.

Organic SEO services

SEO is all about reaching your audience, and you need to be at the very top of the list when they search for you. You can always pay for adverts, but many people will also ignore advertised links in favour of ‘natural’ or organic results. Experts in the SEO field need to lead by example. This makes sense, as “an authority” in the field of SEO, content marketing and so on, should already evidence advanced skills and services as a proven offering. There is no better motivation for a client – an informed client that is. While there are benefits and there is a place for paid adverts, especially if seeking an immediate return, the long term benefits of well executed SEO and content strategies is something that every progressive business should want. And indeed more and more people are realising this in every industry or economic sector, whether small or big businesses.

A few key factors

The good news is that moving higher up the SEO rankings is possible with the right knowledge and skills at your disposal. This is even true if you provide a relatively common service. You will, however, also have to consider:

Regular articles with fresh and informative content relating to your profession, products or services, and industry (These will ensure your SEO links stay ‘live’ based on meaningful and informative content.) What keywords people will search for / a high natural incidence (Use of appropriate keywords in articles counts towards SEO, but keywords alone do not. Content CANNOT be flooded for effective results, so it is quality content or nothing really.Whether you need to mention your location consistently on your site, depending on whether your business is location-bound, or if you are targeting a certain geographic market. Making sure your website is fully SEO-optimised (All aspects such as on and offsite optimisation, reputable link-building, regular quality content, optimised design and functionality etc have to all be well-integrated.)

This article scratches the surface of this incredibly important field or growing area of online specialisation. As wordsmiths working with volumes of SEO content on a daily basis we make it our duty to keep abreast of changes in the online world. This means we are adaptable and that’s why we guarantee consistent, world class results in a highly competitive and ever-changing field. Contact us at Genesis Articles today for SEO content marketing strategies and expert SEO services that allow you to enjoy peak results based on excellent value for money.

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