Genesis SEO copywriters discuss 5 things to achieve page one ranking

When it comes to SEO, copywriters or copywriting companies know it takes knowledge and diligent application of skill to achieve excellent rankings on search engines. Search engines are influenced by many variables and there are changes being made continually. Hence, copywriters need to adhere to various best practices in order to ensure quality content that fosters the most effective search engine optimisation. Here are five core essentials for effective SEO content:


First things first, you need to keep in mind that when optimising, relevant keywords are essential. Depending on your industry, target market and geographic scope, however, your keywords will vary. It is more likely going to be a keyphrase or long-tail key keyword that hones in on a smaller number of users, but inevitably targets a more relevant audience, if executed effectively. For example, consider these instances, “plumber” versus “plumber in Cape Town” or “industrial plumber in Sea Point, Western Cape”. An expert copywriter will be able to perform in-depth keyword research into your industry or sector and arrive at a suitable list. As your marketing and growth requirements expand you can increase your list and hence number of pages of relevant content every month.

The business

Many SEO copywriters erroneously write about anything that comes to mind or write so generically that the content isn’t value-adding. In fact inferior content, which could lack substance, be irrelevant or be flooded with keywords to manipulate optimisation, will work against page one rankings. Focus on topical, industry, brand and consumer-centric articles, blogs and other media in order to build legitimate traffic and sustain the interest of customers. This means more interest and potential for sales versus more bounces.

Update your content

It is also vital to update your content regularly. Firstly, anything static for too long will lose value and become less and less relevant. In order to build and maintain authority your content should be quality-driven and kept up to date. Copywriting specialists will be able to take care of your online reputation in this way by creating and updating content. Thus, written material needs to be refreshed and developed continually by adding new cutting-edge and trending articles and so on. This is a task on its own, and again is one best handled by professionals.

Stick to the rules

Copywriters that bend best practices to manipulate search results will suffer sooner than later and most certainly in the long run. Any shady practice including keyword flooding, writing more for machine than for the target audience as well as other tactics such as buying large volumes of links that suddenly appear, will lead to penalties by search engines. This type of behaviour is extremely detrimental and can lead to your website being blacklisted by search engines.

Social media

A benefit to having an optimised site is that you will have plenty of content to share on social media, leading to your content being shared by others in the greater community. This increases your following, creates greater brand awareness, brings in more relevant hits and with diligent application can help you to get to page one, for one or more search terms.

The above factors all play a role in enabling optimisation and getting to page one status. However, for synergistic results as with any well-implemented strategy, it is best to combine all of the above as they all play a role in preparing the sought after SEO content necessary for your online marketing success. To develop your online presence effectively and for expert help with your web content and content marketing strategy, simply contact our specialist team of SEO copywriters today.

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