Insight from Genesis Copywriters South Africa | Why should you be optimising your content and website for mobile technology?

Smartphones have literally taken the world by storm over the last five years, and just about everyone who owns one uses it to access the Internet. Models such as the iPhone 6+, Samsung’s Galaxy S and others are rapidly innovating and making the user-experience on small devices more and more attractive. As copywriters in South Africa we work extensively with businesses in major business hubs and growing metropolises beyond our borders. Some of these include blue-chip companies, start-ups and even government departments or agencies operating in cities including Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and further afield in bustling hubs within New York, Paris and London to name a few.

Interestingly, the content that we provide, specifically SEO content, is not only comprising industry-relevant, quality optimised copy, but also material highly driven for mobile technology. This means attention to small details that may be easily overlooked by novice copywriters. Front end copy and back-end copy have to all be on-point. This means meta data, keyword density, keyword research and use, content volume, content structure and layout are some of the factors that call for expert attention. This flows with a well-developed SEO and content marketing strategy as well as a brilliantly designed responsive website, for maximum results.

Coming back to the importance of mobile technology they’re used today for everything from checking out menus of restaurants and takeaways to seeking out the services of local and international businesses. Research conducted by Mobify shows that over 1.2 billion people from around the world are accessing the Internet from their phones currently, and this is growing continually. The study also found that a staggering 15% of all Internet traffic is generated by people using their mobile devices. All signs point to mobile Internet accessibility growing substantially over the next few years.

With all of this in mind, we’ll be showing you exactly why you should be optimising your business’ website for mobile users in today’s post.

Easy navigation

While your website might look great on a desktop, if it hasn’t been optimised for mobile use, chances are it’s going to look terrible on a smaller tablet or smartphone screen. Users don’t want to have to pinch and zoom while straining their eyes to make sense of what’s going on. This will lead to your mobile bounce rate going through the roof. By creating a simple version of your website designed for mobile users, your website becomes easy to navigate and read. It will also increase the chances of mobile user leads and purchases.

Increase your mobile search traffic

It’s not only Internet users that have taken to mobile devices, search engines such as Google have also started to take notice of the explosion in mobile traffic. Google’s Hummingbird update (and there are a few more updates since) placed a lot more emphasis on mobile users. So for example, if your website uses media such as videos or sounds that don’t play properly on mobile devices, you’ll find your website being penalised. Streamline your website for mobile users and you’ll receive a lot more organic traffic from search engines.

You need to understand that mobile users aren’t the same as desktop users

People who are accessing the Internet from their mobile devices are usually out and about. The earlier mentioned Mobify study showed that most shoppers use their smartphones either in stores whilst shopping or on the way to the store. Mobile users will want small, easy to digest chunks of information while they’re on the go.

Mobile users spend a lot more than desktop users

Recent statistics have shown quite an alarming trend – mobile users spend reasonably more than desktop users. Adobe noted in 2011, as confirmed by more recent surveys as well, that tablet users are likely to spend around 20% more money on online purchases than traditional laptop users. With these statistics in mind, surely you should be gearing some of your content toward this demographic? This trend will continue into the future as devices become smarter and indeed smaller.

Mobile technology continues to grow and develop at a dramatic rate. Generating leads and converting those leads into sales is the name of the game when it comes to mobile website content. Contact Genesis Articles today to find out exactly how we can help you create sound written content for your mobile-friendly website and related SEO strategy.

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