Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of data needs to be handled with expert precision and specialised insight.  Our qualified team of researchers, business analysts and copywriters in South Africa execute various forms of analyses and deliver related content for public departments, academic institutes, private companies and individuals involved in a host of research activities.  The extent of our involvement varies from project to project, but in short we are able to execute full scale analyses from start to finish, to analyses of collated raw data in terms of research aims and other standalone services.  Delivery of content will conform to brief-specific instructions of organisations and universities, which generally conform to international standards.

We also have a specialised department that is dedicated to academic research and analyses pertaining to higher learning such as dissertations and theses.  If you are completing your Masters, doctorate (PHD), becoming a Professor in your field or pursuing other forms of learning and research – contact us for assistance with research, qualitative/quantitative analyses, editing and related assistance.

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